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20篇高考英语话题作文+16个传统文化考点素材, 高考写作首选资料!

2019-5-22  教育  阅读:  【放大镜】  



一. The Best Movie

I like to see movie so much. When I have time, the first thing I’d like to do is to find the hot movies and then buy some snacks, enjoying my movie hours. 

After appreciating so many movies, The Lord of the Rings impresses me the most. This movie has three series and I like them all. Though the moive was made in about 2000, its technology is still not out of date. In the movie, the scenery is so beautiful that I can’t move my eyes away. It was shot in New Zealand and I have made up my mind that I must go there someday and have a look at the beautiful scenery. 

The movie shows me a scientific world with all kinds of creatures. It broadens my vision. 





二. I Love Country Life

I was born in the country, my family lived there before I was 6 years old. Then my parents moved to the city for their work, I had to stay away from my hometown. Though living in the city brings me a lot of convenience, and I eat the good food, I still miss country life all the time. I love to live in the country.

Living in the country, the time seems to be very slow. I woke up early in the morning and then took the walk. After eating the breakfast, it was about 8 o’clock. I went out to play with my friends or went to help my grandparents with their work. After doing these, it was just 11 o’clock. But in the city, I woke up at 9 o’clock, and then I ate the breakfast, the rest of the day was to play computer. How time flies to me. 

I get so close to the nature and I find so much fun in the country life. I always want to live in my hometown. When I have the time, I will go back there and enjoy the moment. 





三. Strong Will

Since I go to high school, I live in the school and stay away from my parents. 

I have three roommates. At the beginning, we have trouble in staying in the same room, but now we have got used to it. One of my roommates impresses me so much. Since she came to our room, she has kept the habit of reading novels when we go to bed. She told me that when she lived with her parents, she dared not to read because her mother would blame her for sleeping late. Now she is very happy that she is out of control, it seems that she is free. But I feel sorry for her, because she is short-sighted now. What’s more, she is lagging behind other students in the study. Staying away from her parents, she is not strong enough to behave herself. 

We should have the strong will and behave ourselves.





四. The Changes of My Hometown

My hometown is located at the outside of the city. 

I was born and grew up there. It was a little village with natural  scenery of green mountains, a beautiful river and lovely village houses. In the summer, I liked to go to picnic under the mountain and swim in the river. 

But now my hometown has changes. The mountains were blown down to build the factories, and the river was polluted by the waste water from those factories. There are no more green mountains but the smoking factories. The water of the river turns black and stinks, and I can never swim in it again. The village houses are gone too, and the ugly storied houses with walls are instead. 

I don’t like the changes of my hometown, it is a polluted hometown.






五. The People I Respect the Most

The people I respect the most is my father. 

He is a doctor. He always busy with work. Since I could remember, he has never spent a whole weekend to stay with me. He goes to the hospital very early before I get up, and comes back home after I sleep. But I doesn’t matter at all. He is a hero to me. He devotes almost all the time to his patients, and many lives are saved. 

He always said, a man should have dignity, integrity, honor, and most of all, be helpful to others. This affected me deeply, so I work hard so that someday I can be the man like my father.





六. Taking The Exercise

Today, as the development of the electronic products, people like to use the electronic products very much. They count on these products because they are so convenient and funny. So people pay a lot of attention on the electronic products, and most people even don’t like to go out and they spend all the day playing the computer games. 

Staying too much time indoors is not good for people’s health, they need to walk out of the house and take the exercise. It is advised that we should take exercise for an hour everyday. We can take the jogging early in the morning or in the evening. We not only can take in the fresh air, but also can see the different scenery. 

If we take the regular exercise, we will keep the strong body and when are old, we can go any place we want to. 





七. Sports Meeting

When autumn comes, I feel so excited, because the sports meeting comes. 

I like sports so much. When I was very small, my father took me to watch the basketball match. In the long time, sports have become part of my life. When I started to come to school, I join the basketball team. I had  the great time to practice with my friends. 

Though high school life is very busy and I have to learn so many subjects, I still keep taking exercise everyday. Sports meeting time is my favorite time in the semester. I can take part in many activities, such as basketball and high jump. I am full of energy, I just want to enjoy the moment of taking exercise. 

Sports meeting indeed brings students many energy and make the students become active. They can also exercise their bodies. 






八. Stop Polluting the Water!

Spring is the best season of a year. The weather gets warmer and warmer. My classmates and I took a one-day sightseeing tour around our city. The scene was very beautiful. But when we saw the rivers along our city, I felt very sorry and thought a lot.

With the development of modern industry and agriculture, more and more waste is being poured into rivers. It has caused serious pollution. The rivers are becoming so dirty that nothing can live in them. The rivers are giving off a terrible smell.

We make an urgent appeal that measures should be taken to cope with the situation. Our government should build various facilities such as sewage treatment plant and encourage scientists to work out more and better ways to reduce water pollution.

Water is the source of our lives. It is very important to protect the water.






九. The Sport I Like Best

When talking about the sport, I will feel very excited, because I like sport so much. I love playing tennis, and it is my favorite sport.

I remember one day when I came home after school, I opened the TV and watched a tennis match. At first, I was caught by the beautiful tennis women players. They wore the beautiful outfits.When I had been watching for ten minutes, I found the match was so excellent. From then on, I started to watch tennis match. I have learned the tennis, and I will call my friends to play with me when I have time. Now I am a big fan of the tennis match, I will watch the tour matches once I am free. 

My love to tennis is more than I could express. I am so lucky to have some friends who share the same interest with me.






十. Ordinary Is Beautiful

When we are very small, we dream to be the great person in the future, such as the scientist, the policeman and so on. 

It is good for the children to own the big dream, so that they will study hard and fight for their future. But the fact is that not all the persons can become the great person, and most people are doing the ordinary jobs. In my opinion, ordinary is beautiful, too. Though they are not doing the fine jobs, they find their own place and make a contribution to the world. Take the cleaner for example. They wake up early and do the cleaning work. People dare not to do the job because it is so dirty, but the cleaners decorate the city with their hard work. 

The cleaners are the ordinary people while doing the great job.





十一. The Annoyances in Growing Up

Since I went to high school, I have had many annoyances. 

On the one hand, I am under great pressure on my study. I need to take the exams every month. Once I am falling behind other students, I will feel that I am not doing well. I always want to be the best, but things can’t go on my way. On the other hand, I don’t want to talk to my parents, if they ask me the questions, I will answer them with few words. I think they won’t understand me, so I am not willing to communicate with my parents. 

I know I am in the adolescence, my body grows fast, changes happen on me, and my emotion is unstable. So I need to learn to adjust myself and get used to these changes. I need to open my heart and have less pressure. 





十二. Afternoon Time

Today was Saturday. 

Early in the morning, I woke up and stayed at home the whole morning to watch TV. After finishing my lunch, I had nothing to do, so I decided to call my friends out. I headed to the coffee shop which was near a square. There were a lot of people in the square. Some women were dancing and singing, while some men were taking the chess. I walked into the coffee shop and chose a table which was near the window, so that I could see the outside scenery. When my friends came, we talked happily and shared the things that happened during these days. Then all my pressure was relieved, I forgot about the annoyance on my study. At that moment, I was enjoying the time talking with my friends. 

I had the great time this afternoon.





十三. My Parents’ Education on Me

I am the only child in my family. 

Nowadays, people have the bad impression on the only child. They think the only child is spoiled by the parents, so they get bad temper and count on the parents so much, while I am not one of them. My parents are very strict to me, and they never spoil me. When I make the mistake, they will tell me what the result will be, so that I know I do the wrong thing and won’t do that again. My parents pay special attention to my independence. They will ask me to do the thing alone. Sometimes they only teach me how to finish, but never give me a hand. 

To my parents’ education, at first, I feel they are unfair to me, but as I grow up, I am so thankful to them, because they help me become a strong person.





十四. I Like Riding Bicycle

When I was very small, I felt so envious to see the children riding bicycle, and I thought they were so cool. So I tried so hard to learn how to ride it. I still remembered the day when I could ride bicycle and I was so proud. 

Today, bicycle is still my favorite transportation. On the one hand, I can exercise my body. I ride the bicycle to go to school. It is true that I do have the strong body, because I barely feel sick. On the other hand, riding the bicycle can protect our environment. Bicycle works with our legs instead of the gasoline. The gasoline burns and it lets out the air which can pollute our environment. So taking the bike is a good way to protect our environment. 

I think I will continue to keep bike as my favorite transportation. 





十五. The Amazing 4D

As the development of the technology, people can enjoy what the high-technology brings. 

Before, people watched the movie with watching the screen, but in the recent years, the new technology called 3D gives people the enjoyable way to enjoy the movie. The special feature of 3D is that it gives people the real vision. When people put on the 3D glasses, they will feel as if they are in the movie, witnessing all the things happens. 

But now, 4D is coming, it is more advantaged than 3D, it makes people feel more closer to the scene. When there is shocking things, the chair will move a little, and people feel what’s happening in the movie. 

The high technology brings people a lot of fun. In the future, I believe that there will be more and more high technology invented.






十六. The Hot Summer

When July comes, it is the hottest time of the whole summer. Many of my friends have chosen to travel to the cool place, so as to avoid the stuffy air. 

As for me, I don’t like to travel in this hot weather. I just want to stay indoors and enjoy the quiet moment. I like to sit near the window, watching outside scenery. Sometimes I will read some books,  enjoy the novel and make myself lost in the fiction world. The things I like to do most is to find a coffee shop and then choose a table that is near the window, so that I can see all the situation. I will bring my computer and then play the computer for the whole afternoon. 

It is what I like to do in the summer. I enjoy it.





十七. The Loyal Dog

Many people like to raise a pet to company them. Especially as there are more only child, keeping a pet can fill the blank space of a sibling. Dogs are most people’s choice, for they are said to be the loyal friends. 

In the movies, dogs are described as human being’s trustful friends and they will never abandon their masters. In the famous and touching movie Hachi, a homeless dog named Hachi is raised by a professor. The dog waits for his master to go home after work at the train station every day. Someday, the professor has a heart attack while he is having class and he dies. Hachi never sees his master appear in the train station, but he still goes to the place to wait for his master until the end of his life. 

Everybody is moved by the loyal dog, his story still goes on. 





十八. Family Barbecue

Today was Sunday. I was so happy because our family had a big meeting. 

We went to the park to have the barbecue. We called our relatives to join us, and it was such a great party. As the family members haven’t got together for a long time, so my father decided to get everybody united. In the park, I played with my cousins. We were taking a visit of the park while the parents were doing the barbecue. When my counsins and I played so tiredly, we went to join the grow-ups’activities. The fathers were talking about the business stuff, while the mothers were talking about the children and their daily life. Our family was so harmonious. We shared the things together and helped each other. 

I like this activity so much, and I wish my families can have more time to be together. 





十九. Chinese Gifts

There are many good Chinese gifts to give foreigners. 

The first one is Chinese knot. The Chinese knot is a symbol of peace and fortune. This artifact is beautiful and meaningful. And the china is also a good choice. The china was invented in China about 4000 years ago. Its English name was named after our country, and the ones which were made in China are much more exquisite than the other origins. 

And other Chinese gifts such as silks and painting and calligraph, they are all Chinese characteristic, and are the works of art, so the foreign friends would like them very much.





二十. Join Activity

In China, students have to study all the time. They need to take all kinds of important exams, and their parents want their kids to take the first place, so students bury their heads in the books. 

When talking about Chinese kids and foreign kids, it has been admitted that Chinese kids are good at exams, while foreign kids are good at hand work. I think hand work is more important than the exam, because students need to do some work to make themselves’ living. Chinese students need to join more activities, It can not only help them broaden their vision, but also can improve their overall quality. Besides getting high scores, students also need to learn to do some hand work, or they will become bookworms. 

Parents should not care so much about the exams, they should give the children more freedom. Exam is not everything.






一. 长城(The Great Wall)

The Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world that created by human beings! If you come to China without climbing the Great Wall, it's just like going Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower; or going to Egypt without visiting the Pyramids! Men often say, "He who doest not reach the Great Wall is not a true man."In fact, it began as independent walls for different states when it was first built, and did not become the "Great Wall" until the Qin Dynasty. However, the wall we see today, starting from Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to Jiayunguan Pass in the west, was mostly built during the Ming Dynasty.


二. 饺子(Dumplings)

Dumplings are one of the Chinese people’s favorite traditional dishes. According to an ancient Chinese legend, dumplings were first made by the medical saint---Zhang Zhongjing. There are three steps involved in making dumplings: 1) make dumpling wrappers out of dumpling flour; 2) prepare the dumpling stuffing; 3) make dumplings and boil them. With thin and elastic dough skin, fresh and tender stuffing, delicious taste, and unique shapes, dumplings are worth eating hundreds of times. There’s an old saying that claims, “Nothing could be more delicious than dumplings”. During the Spring Festival and other holidays, or when treating relatives and friends, Chinese people like to follow the auspicious custom of eating dumplings. To Chinese people who show high reverence for family love, having dumplings at the moment the old year is replaced by the new is an essential part of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new year.

饺子是深受中国人民喜爱的传统食品。 相传为古代医圣张仲景发明。饺子的制作是包括: 1) 擀皮、2) 备馅、3) 包馅水煮三个步骤。其特点是皮薄馅嫩,味道鲜美,形状独特,百食不厌。民间有“好吃不过饺子”的俗语。中国人接亲待客、逢年过节都有包饺子吃的习俗,寓意吉利。对崇尚亲情的中国人来说,“更岁交子”吃饺子,更是欢度除夕、辞旧迎新必不可少的内容。 

三. 筷子(Chinese Chopsticks)

The Chinese way of eating with chopsticks is unique in the world. The recorded history of chopsticks started more than three thousand years ago. Chopsticks were named zhu in ancient Chinese. They look deceptively simple to use, but possess multi-various functions, such as clamping, turning over, lifting up, raking, stirring, scooping, poking, tearing, and so on. Chopsticks were taken as an auspicious mascot by ordinary people in ancient China. For example, the partial tone of chopsticks is often used by people as a metaphor at weddings to indicate a blessing or benediction for the couple to have a baby soon. Unlike using a knife and fork or one’s own hands, a pair of chopsticks also implies the meaning of “Harmony is what matters”. Chopsticks are highly praised by Westerners as a hallmark of ancient oriental civilization. 

中国人使用筷子就餐的方式在世界上独树一帜。有史记载用筷的历史已有三千多年?曜庸攀背莆,它看似简单,但却同时具有夹、拨、挑、扒、拌、撮、戳、撕等多种功能。中国民间视筷子为吉祥之物,如婚俗中将筷子隐喻为快生贵子的祝福等。与使用刀叉以及手抓的 方式不同,成双结对的筷子含有“和为贵“的意蕴。西方人赞誉筷子是古老的东方文明。

四. 中国功夫(Chinese kung fu)

Chinese kung fu, or Chinese martial arts, carries traditional Chinese culture in abundance. It is a  traditional Chinese sport which applies the art of attack and defence in combat and the motions engaged with a series of skill and tricks. The core idea of Chinese king fu is derived from the Confucian theory of both “the mean and harmony” and “cultivating qi” (otherwise known as nourishing one’s spirit). Meanwhile, it also includes thoughts of Taoism and Buddhism. Chinese kung fu has a long history, with multi-various sects and many different boxing styles, and emphasizes coupling hardness with softness and internal and external training. It contains the ancient great thinkers’ pondering of life and the universe. The skills in wielding the 18 kinds of weapons named by the later generations mainly involve the skills of bare-handed boxing, such as shadow boxing (Taijiquan), form and will boxing (Xingyiquan), eight trigram palm (Baguazhang), and the skills of kung fu weaponry, such as the skill of using swords, spears, two-edged swords and halberds, axes, tomahawks, kooks, prongs and so on.


五. 汉字(Chinese characters)

Chinese characters were initially meant to be simple pictures used to help people remember things. After a long period of development, it finally became a unique character system that embodies phonetic sound, image, idea, and rhyme at the same time. The writing system, which was extremely advanced in ancient times, began with inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells, and these are regarded as the original forms of Chinese characters. Afterwards, Chinese characters went through numerous calligraphic styles: bronze inscriptions, official script, regular script, cursive script, running script, etc. Chinese characters are usually round outside and square inside, which is rooted in ancient Chinese beliefs of an orbicular sky and a rectangular Earth. The five basic strokes of Chinese characters are “---“ (the horizontal stroke) “│” (the vertical stroke), “/”( the left-falling stroke), “\” (the right-falling stroke), and “乙” (the turning stroke).  

汉字是从原始人用以记事的简单图画,经过不断演变发展最终成为一种兼具音、形、意韵的独特文字。现存中国古代最早成熟的文字是甲骨文,被认为是现代汉字的初形。此后,汉字又经历了金文、隶书、楷书、草书、行书等不同的阶段。汉字结构“外圆内方“, 源于古人”天圆地方“的观念。汉字有五种基本笔画,即:横、竖、撇、捺、折。

六. 秧歌舞(Yangko)

Yangko is one of tradition folk dance of Han in China.It is usually performed in northern provinces. The dancers usually wear colorful and light costumes, and the performance is powerful and rapid. During some festivals such as Spring Festival, Lantein Festival, if people hear the sound of drum and gong, no matter how cold the weather is , they will come to street and appreciate the Yangko. Recent years, the old people in city of east-northern of China organized the team of Yangko by themselves, the teamers keep their health by dancing Yangko the whole year.


七. 针灸(Acupuncture)

Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In accordance with the “main and collateral channels” theory in TCM, the purpose of acupuncture is to dredge the channel and regulate qi and blood, so as to keep the body’s yin and yang balanced and achieve reconciliation between the internal organs. It features in traditional Chinese medicine that “internal diseases are to be treated with external therapy”. The main therapy of acupuncture involves using needles to pierce certain acupoints of the patient’s body, or adopting moxibustion to stimulate the patient’s acupoints so as to stimulate the channels and relieve pain. With its unique advantages, acupuncture has been handed down generation after generation and has now spread all over the world. Nowadays, acupuncture, along with Chinese food, kung fu (otherwise known as Chinese martial arts), and traditional Chinese medicine, has been internationally hailed as one of the “four new national treasures.”



八. 中国龙(Chinese Dragon)

Dragon totem worship in China has been around for the last 8,000 years. The ancients in China considered the dragon (or loong) a fetish that combines animals including the fish, snake, horse and ox with cloud, thunder, lightning and other natural celestial phenomena. The Chinese dragon was formed in accordance with the multicultural fusion process of the Chinese nation. To the Chinese, the dragon signifies innovation and cohesion.  

对龙图腾他的崇拜在中国大约已绵延了八千多年。中国龙是古人将鱼、蛇、马、牛等动物与云雾、雷电等自然天象集合而成的一种神物。 中国龙的形成与中华民族的多元融合过程同步。在中国人的心目中,龙具有振奋腾飞、开拓变化的寓意和团结凝聚的精神。 

九. 中国印章(Chinese Seal)

A seal can also be defined as a stamp. Both the Chinese official and private seal of various dynasties have different titles, such as stamp, zhu note, contract, fu, lease and others. The seals used by the emperors of ancient China were called xi, yin, bao, etc. According to historical records, seals were widely used during the Warring States Period (475BC-221BC). The making of a seal is to engrave fonts, such as seal characters and official script and so on; or images in the form of intaglio and embossment into the seal, basically shaped as round or square. Covered with a vermilion overlay, the Chinese seal is not only used in daily life, but it is also used to represent signatures on paintings and calligraphies. It is gradually becoming one of China’s unique artworks.  

印章就是图章。中国历代官、私所用的印章有印信、朱记、合同、符、契等等不同的称谓,而帝王所用的印章古时称玺、印、宝、章等。据史料记载,印章在战国时代已普遍使用。印章的制作是将篆隶等字体、图像用阴、阳的形式雕刻而成,形状以圆、方为主。印章用朱色   钤盖,除日常应用外,又多用于书画题识,逐渐成为中国特有的艺术形式之一。 

十. 京剧(Chinese Beijing Opera)

Praised as “Oriental Opera”, Beijing Opera is a genuine national quintessence of China. It originated from many kinds of ancient local operas, especially huiban in southern China. At the end of the 19th Century, Beijing Opera evolved and took shape, becoming the greatest kind of opera in China. Beijing Opera is a blend of performing arts---song, speech, performance, acrobatix fighting and dance. Beijing Opera portrays and narrates the plot and characters through stylized acting. The main types of roles in Beijing Opera are sheng(male), dan (young female), jing (painted face, male), and chou( clown, male or female).

京剧被誉为“东方歌剧”, 是地道的中国国粹。它起源于中国多种古老的地方戏剧,特别是南方的“徽班”。到了19世纪末,京剧形成并成为中国最大的戏曲剧种。京剧是综合性表演艺术,集唱(歌唱)、念(念白)、做(表演)、打(武)、舞(舞蹈)为一体,通过程式化的表演手段,叙述故事,刻画人物。角色主要分生(男性)、旦(女性)、净(男性)、丑(男性女性皆有)四大行当。 

十一. 中国成语(Chinese Idioms)

Chinese idioms refer to comprehensive and integrated fixed phrases and expressions. Idioms are established and accepted by constant usage and common practice. An idiom is a language unit that is larger than a word, but has the same grammatical function as a word. Most Chinese idioms consist of four characters. For example, ziqiangbuxi ( make unremitting efforts to improve oneself), qingchuyulan(bluer than indigo), and houjibofa (success comes with time and effort). Idioms are extrated from folk proverbs, ancient works of literature, poems, fables, allusions, and well-known sayings. Idioms are a part of the Chinese language that are concise and have great vitality.  


十二. 丝绸(Silk)

China is the home of silk. Mulberry planting, sericulture, silk reeling and thickening are all great inventions of the ancient Chinese. As early as the Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1600BC-256BC), the Chinese people’s silk-weaving techniques had reached an extremely high level. During the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD), Zhang Qian, an outstanding diplomat, travelled around central Asia and connected China with the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean, opening up a new era of Sino-foreign trade, exchange and communication. From then on, China’s silk became well known for its extraordinary quality, exquisite design and color, and abundant culture connotations. Hitherto, Chinese silk has been accepted as a symbol of Chinese culture and the emissary of oriental civilization.  


十三. 中国园林(Chinese Classical Garden)

The Chinese classical garden is a precious treasure of our ancient Chinese architecture. It is a kind of environment art, which systematically combines artificial mountains and rivers, plants and buildings with the natural landscape. The construction standard of a Chinese classical garden is “artificial as it is, the garden must look ingenious and natural.” When you go sightseeing in a Chinese classical garden, you should be able to appreciate its artistic concept which “makes use of the natural landscape to create the real fun of mountains and rivers for viewers.” Of the world’s three major garden systems, the Chinese classical garden is hailed as one of the origins of the world’s garden due to its long history and abundant connotations.  


十四. 文房四宝

(The Four Treasures of the Study)

The writing brush, ink stick, ink stone, and paper were requisite treasures in the study of the scholars of ancient China, and they are often referred to as the “Four Treasures of the Study.” The writing brush and ink stick have been used by the Chinese to write and paint since 5,000 years ago. In the Qin Dynasty (221BC---206BC), people already used feathers of different hardness and bamboo trunks to make brushes. During the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), man-made ink was used instead of natural ink. After paper was invented by the Chinese, bamboo slips, wooden tablets, brocade and silk, which originally functioned as writing surfaces, gradually faded out. The ink stone was first developed with the use of writing brushes and ink. After the Song Dynasty (960AD---1279AD), the “Four Treasure of the Study” particularly referred to hubi, the writing brush produced in Huzhou, Zhejiang province; huimo, the ink stick produced in Huizhou, Anhui province; xuan  paper, a kind of paper produced in Xuanzhou, Anhui province; and duanyan, the ink stone made in Zhaoqing, Guangdong province (Zhaoqing was earlier called Duanzhou). Indeed, the Four Treasures of the Study” have writtin the whole Chinese civilization, as it is.

笔墨纸砚是中国古代文人书房当中必备的宝贝,被称为“文房四宝”。用笔墨书写绘画在中国可追溯到五千年前。秦时已用不同硬度的毛和竹管制笔;汉代以人工制墨替代了天然墨;有了纸张以后,简牍锦帛逐失其用;砚台则随笔墨的使用而发展。 “文房四宝”到宋朝以后特指湖笔、徽墨、宣纸、端砚?梢运滴姆克谋κ樾戳苏鲋谢拿。

十五. 天干地支(Chinese Era)

The Chinese era is the symbol that the Chinese calendar uses for recording and naming years. The ten Heavenly Stems are: jia, yi, bing, ding, wu, ji, geng, xin, ren, gui. The twelve Earthly Branches are: zi.chou, yin, mou, chen, si, wu, wei, shen, you, xu, hai. After observing the lunar month, the ancients found that the moon always wazes and wanes roughly 12 times a year, and two lunar months account for about 60 days, so the order of the ten Heavenly Stems and the order of the twelve Earthly Branches are properly matched in turn. In terms of recording date, 60 years is considered to be a full time cycle. The Chinese era chronology was first invented in ancient times and is still in use now. 







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